ForwarderSmart is a cloud platform which can provide the services of freight space booking online from China to all over the world, including the major loading ports, the major Carriers and the major shipping line. All the freight space providers are composed of freight forwarders located on Chinese main ports which can provide the most credible and excellent services. Each freight space provider in ForwarderSmart can contribute online solutions of international transportation for overseas shippers and forwarders.

ForwarderSmart has been set up by ShippingChina.Com for ten years. “ShippingChina.Com” started in the year of 2003 which is the leading website of shipping industry in China. The core value of the platform is credit. It guarantees credit transactions, credit payment and credit performance.

The credit basis of ForwarderSmart is the World International Freight Forwarders Alliance (WIFFA in abbreviation), one of the largest non-governmental freight forwarding alliance organization in China, which has been in operation for nine years. At the time being, WIFFA has 20 port branches, 15 overseas branches and 11 special alliance committees.

The English version of ForwarderSmart will be launched in mid-2019. Please look forward to it.

If you’d like to be the member of WIFFA, please make an application here. Sign up